iBharat (आई भारत) Founder And CEO - Anil Rawat

iBharat(आई भारत): Revolutionizing Mobile and Utility Services in India

iBharat (आई भारत) | Founder & CEO | Anil Rawat


In the bustling landscape of India's tech industry, iBharat(आई भारत) has emerged as a game-changer. Founded in 2016 by visionary entrepreneur Anil Rawat (Founder and CEO), iBharat has become a prominent player in the mobile and utility service domain. With its headquarters situated in the serene town of Kotdwara, Uttarakhand, the company has shown remarkable growth, drawing parallels to industry giants like Paytm. In this article, we will delve into the journey of iBharat and explore the innovative services it offers, transforming the way Indians recharge, pay bills, and transact online.

The Visionary Founder - Anil Rawat

At the heart of iBharat's success story stands its founder and CEO, Anil Rawat. Hailing from Kotdwara, Uttarakhand, Rawat had a clear vision of bringing advanced mobile and utility services to the masses. With determination and a passion for technological advancements, he laid the foundation of iBharat in 2016. Under his leadership, the company has grown from strength to strength, achieving remarkable milestones in a short span of time.

iBharat's Headquarters - The Essence of Simplicity

The quaint town of Kotdwara, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Himalayan foothills, is home to iBharat's headquarters. Unlike the towering skyscrapers of big cities, iBharat's office represents simplicity and innovation. This serene setting provides the perfect backdrop for the team to ideate and create groundbreaking solutions for their customers.

Pioneering Services

iBharat offers a range of services, making it a one-stop destination for mobile and utility needs. Some of their key offerings:

1. Mobile and DTH Recharge

iBharat enables users to recharge their mobile and DTH services seamlessly. With a user-friendly interface and secure payment gateways, customers can recharge in just a few clicks.

2. Utility Bill Payments- 0.5% Cashback

Gone are the days of standing in long queues to pay utility bills. iBharat allows users to pay their electricity bills with ease, and what's more - they also offer a cashback of 0.60% on electricity bill payments!

3. Google Play Recharge - 1% Cashback

In the dynamic landscape of digital transactions, the concept of recharging your Google Play account has taken on a new dimension with iBharat's innovative "Google Play Recharge" service. This service has revolutionized the way individuals access and enjoy digital content, making the process not only more convenient but also incredibly rewarding.

With iBharat's user-friendly platform, recharging your Google Play account has never been easier. The traditional process of entering payment details every time you wish to make a purchase on the Play Store is now a thing of the past. Through iBharat, users can effortlessly add funds to their Google Play balance, ensuring swift and secure transactions.

The beauty of Google Play Recharge lies in its versatility. Whether you're an ardent gamer seeking the latest releases, a bookworm hungry for e-books, or simply looking to unlock premium features in your favorite apps, this service caters to a wide spectrum of interests. It consolidates your digital spending into a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple transactions.

What sets iBharat's Google Play Recharge apart is its commitment to enhancing the user experience through value-added promotions. Users can enjoy cashback and discounts on their recharges, effectively amplifying their purchasing power. This not only makes digital entertainment more accessible but also empowers users to make the most of their transactions.

4. Vehicle Insurance - Up to 10% Cashback

In a pioneering move, iBharat provides vehicle insurance services with attractive cashback offers, ranging from 5% to 10%, making it an appealing choice for vehicle owners.

5. E-commerce Integration

In the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce, iBharat stands out as a dynamic player, bridging the gap between shoppers and sellers through its innovative e-commerce integration. As the digital realm becomes an increasingly significant marketplace, the convenience of shopping from the comfort of one's home has transformed consumer behavior. Recognizing this shift, iBharat has strategically partnered with a plethora of e-commerce platforms, reshaping the way transactions are conducted.

At the heart of iBharat's e-commerce integration lies a commitment to simplicity and accessibility. The platform's user-centric design ensures that even those less familiar with technology can navigate the virtual shelves with ease. With just a few clicks, users can explore a vast array of products, compare prices, read reviews, and make informed decisions – all without leaving the iBharat ecosystem. This streamlined approach significantly reduces the friction often associated with online shopping, enhancing the overall customer experience.

One of the standout features of iBharat's e-commerce integration is its diverse partner network. By collaborating with a wide range of e-commerce giants, iBharat offers its users access to an extensive catalogue of products – from fashion and electronics to home essentials and beyond. This diversity empowers users to find precisely what they're looking for, whether it's the latest gadget or a traditional artifact.

Moreover, iBharat's integration doesn't stop at mere product listings. The platform has ingeniously integrated secure payment gateways, ensuring that transactions are swift and secure. Users can confidently make purchases without the worry of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. This combination of convenience and security has earned iBharat a loyal user base, as shoppers across the country find themselves gravitating towards the platform for their online purchases.

In a nation as diverse as India, catering to varying preferences and languages is crucial. iBharat acknowledges this and offers a multilingual interface, breaking down language barriers and making the platform more accessible to a wider audience. This inclusivity is a testament to the platform's commitment to empowering every Indian with the convenience of online shopping.

While iBharat's e-commerce integration provides unmatched convenience to shoppers, it also serves as a catalyst for the growth of businesses. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) gain unprecedented exposure by listing their products on the platform. This symbiotic relationship between sellers and iBharat fosters economic growth, job creation, and innovation. By nurturing local businesses and entrepreneurs, iBharat contributes to the vision of a digitally empowered India.

6. QR Code Payments

The company has integrated QR code payment systems, allowing customers to make quick and secure payments at supported merchants.

7. AEPS - Aadhar Enabled Payment System

iBharat is at the forefront of fintech innovations, enabling Aadhar Enabled Payment System for safe and hassle-free transactions.

8. International Air Ticket Booking

For travelers, iBharat offers the convenience of booking international air tickets, simplifying the travel planning process.

9. Train Ticket Booking

As train journeys remain a popular mode of travel in India, iBharat facilitates easy and efficient train ticket bookings.

10. Hotel Booking

With iBharat's hotel booking services, users can find the perfect accommodations for their travels, all at their fingertips.

11. Food Delivery

To cater to the growing demand for food delivery services, iBharat has partnered with leading food delivery platforms, ensuring delicious meals reach customers in no time.

Empowering the Masses

iBharat's success lies in its dedication to bringing cutting-edge services to the masses. By catering to the diverse needs of its users and creating innovative solutions, the company has bridged the gap between technology and the common man.


In just a few years since its inception, iBharat has carved a niche for itself in the competitive Indian tech industry. With a visionary founder, a dedicated team, and a customer-centric approach, iBharat continues to revolutionize mobile and utility services, making life simpler for millions across the country.


Is iBharat available in all cities of India?

Yes, iBharat's services are accessible across India, covering a vast network of cities and towns.

Does iBharat charge any convenience fees for its services?

No, iBharat is committed to providing its services without any additional convenience fees.

How secure are transactions on iBharat?

iBharat ensures that all transactions are carried out through secure payment gateways, protecting users' sensitive information.

Can I track my utility bill payments on iBharat?

Absolutely! iBharat provides a tracking feature for users to monitor their utility bill payment status.

Does iBharat have a mobile app?

Yes, iBharat offers a user-friendly mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices, making transactions even more convenient.

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